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Articles for parents

As well as our comprehensive search facility which can help you find and compare schools both in the UK and abroad, we regularly publish articles that are of interest to parents who are looking for advice and information on choosing a school or seeking information about the independent school sector. So whether you are looking for advice on what to look for when visiting a school or want to know more about school exams, league tables or special educational needs you are sure to find an article that will help and inform you.

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Can children use their phones productively?

By Isbi Schools - 29th March 2019

Encouraging Children to Enjoy Maths

By Isbi Schools - 15th March 2019

Should you choose a single sex school for your child?

By Isbi Schools - 22nd February 2019

Is your child getting enough sleep?

By Isbi Schools - 15th February 2019
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