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isbi schools Marketing and Admissions Conference 2018

Welcome to isbi schools 8th annual Marketing and Admissions Conference which will be held in the warm and friendly surroundings of Luckley House School in Wokingham.

You can’t accomplish your goals without people. And if you’re dealing with people, you need to be able to influence them. This is particularly true for anyone working in marketing and admissions, not only in terms of persuading prospective parents and pupils but also in terms of their influence on the people within their school.

Your most powerful marketing happens when everyone can ‘be the brand’. The trick is how can you persuade and influence your colleague and Senior Management Team to work with you to build a supportive marketing and customer driven culture that permeates day to day activates including parent tours open days and events? This year’s conference will focus on how you can be more successful by being more persuasive and influential with key stakeholders both sides of the school gate.

 Inspiring keynote speakers, 12 'How to' workshops and real life case studies - all in one day!

Keynote Speakers

Celia Delaney

iPersuade: How to be more influential when you speak

  • Learn how to become the master (or mistress) of influencing
  • Develop the skills to speak about your own ideas with confidence
  • Discover how to overcome the challenges of speaking to parents, peers and pupils

Celia Delaney is a comedian and communication skills speaker, specialising in  persuasion and impact. After reading Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, Celia joined Unilever’s graduate scheme and went on to be HR Director of one of their factory sites. She then trained as an actress and worked in stage & television for 5 years, before deciding to use all of her skills – Psychology, People and Performance – in setting up her own training and speaking business.

She has spoken about persuasion in the education sector for over ten years, working with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, University of London, University of Exeter, University of Surrey and the Girls’ Day School Trust.

Andy Afford

'Mastering print; how the newsstand tells us everything we need to know about people'

  • Viewer-first communications: getting behind an audience’s motivation
  • Understand how creativity informs buying decision-making
  • Know the psychology behind why product in hand is worth two in the (virtual) bush

Regarded as a thought-leader in the world of publishing and communications, Andy is a former professional sportsman; an APA International Publishing Awards judge; one of the British Society of Magazine Editors’ editors of the year and a Sony Radio Awards silver winner. He has written and spoken on topics as wide-ranging as ‘the importance of space travel’, ‘killing our heroes’ and ‘cheese’. Delivered with first-hand experience of only one of the above. 

"How to” workshops

  •  Outstanding Open Days – how to make your school event stand out above the rest - Lucinda Grafton
  • How To Be Brilliant on The Big Three! (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) - Olivia Malaure, Finalsite
  • Make Analytics work for you – How to build a measurement plan and identify the analytics you really need to report on! - Luke Hay *
  • How to create your own video content - Charlie Gauvain
  •  How to supercharge your digital marketing strategy with content and SEO - Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone, ACS International Schools *
  • How to use remarketing (online advertising) to boost, enquiries, registrations and enrolments (and lots more)- Matthew D’Arcy *
  • The Pillars of a Personal Brand – How to develop your personal brand online – Olivia Malaure, Finalsite
  • SEO Essentials – How to ensure your target audiences discover your school online in 2018 -2019 – Luke Hay and Matthew D’Arcy *

Case Studies

  • Using LinkedIn and Instagram to create an online marketing presence that is a useful tool for the school - Mark Beach, Headmaster, & Gabriele Richardson, Marketing Director, Parkside school
  • Building a school action plan that empowers your stakeholders to promote your school.  Developed for schools, the methodology is based on Small Wonder’s experience of leading and working with, a range of commercial brands. This evidence based approach combines research, surveys and interviews. – Julie Atherton, Small Wonder
  • The Challenges of implementing change –While positive major change is met with enthusiasm by many, it can come as a major shock to others. This session examines the need to support and win over those for whom the change is challenging. The best results are achieved when all school staff recognise their part; this is best communicated when the Marketing Team and SLT work in perfect harmony. Jane Tudor, Head, Luckley Hall
* Supported by EMCdigital (www.emcdigital.com)

More coming soon!

Earlybird to 29th June

Price: £210.00

 Headline Sponsor of isbi schools Marketing & Admissions Conference 2018

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