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2018 Speakers

Celia Delaney  

Andy Afford  

Elizabeth is happy to answer any questions on her presentation. Contact her by email:emalone-johnstone@acs-schools.com
Elisabeth Malone-Johnstone, ACS International Schools  

 How to create your own video content
Please click HERE to download presentation
Charlie Gauvain, Managing Director, Eye Film

  How to be brilliant on the big three!

The pillars of a personal brand
Olivia Malaure, Social Media Specialist, Finalsite

 The Challenges of implementing change
Jane Tudor, Head Luckley House School
 Small Wonder School Engagement Programme
Julie Atherton, Managing Director, Small Wonder

Make Analytics work for you
Measurement Planning Spreadsheet
How to use Online Advertising to boost enquiries, registrations and enrolements
Matthew D'Arcy, Managing Director, OMTAC

 How to successfully market your Sixth Form to generation Z
Katie Cardona FRSA & Alta Justus, The Virtual Marketer

Price: £210.00
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