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2018 'How to' Workshops and Case studies

'How to' Workshops

How to supercharge your digital marketing strategy with content and SEO -  Elizabeth Malone-Johnston, ACS *

These days, content marketing and SEO are key elements of any digital marketing strategy. However, the magic really only happens when they work together. This presentation is tailored specifically to school marketers and contains tools, actionable tips and advice to help you launch and run your own content marketing and SEO activity for the future.

How to use 'Remarketing' (Online Advertising) to boost enquiries, registrations and enrolments (and lots more) - Matthew D'Arcy, Managing Director, OMTAC *

Remarketing is an effective, inexpensive way to use Online Advertising to increase the number of 'conversions' you achieve on your School or College website... reminding visitors to return to your website to register for an Open Day or tour, to download a Prospectus, to make an enquiry etc.
It can help keep people in touch with news and events taking place in your institution, it can be used to disseminate important news about achievements, awards and new developments... and for reputation management... helping to build awareness and positive word of mouth.
Remarketing can also be used for increasing the numbers booking tickets for shows, promoting the hire of facilities, encouraging more people to attend Alumni Reunions, increasing donations for fundraising and development etc.
During this workshop you will learn how to use Remarketing with Google, Bing, Facebook and/or LinkedIn as part of your School or College’s marketing, admissions and communications strategy... benefiting your promotion of day and/or boarding places to prospective parents, students and key influencers over the rest of the academic year.

How To Be Brilliant on The Big Three! - Olivia Malaure, Finalsite

Social media is one of the most popular communication tools for independent schools — especially when it comes to reaching senior students and millennial parents. But are you using it effectively in communications and marketing? Join Finalsite's Marketing Manager, Olivia Malaure, to learn how to use the "big three" — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to market your independent school, enhance your brand, and improve school-to-home communications. During this presentation you’ll learn

  • Best practices for content, timing, and strategy on each network
  • The importance of creating specific content for each social network
  • How to safely and appropriately interact and engage with your community on each network
  • General best practices for branding on each network

Outstanding Open Days – how to make your school event stand out above the rest - Lucinda Grafton

Sharing learnings from mystery shopping over 60 independent schools, Lucinda Grafton will provide practical guidance about the things that help schools stand out to prospective parents and things that don’t.  Using case studies, the session will look at how you and your staff body can ensure parents walk away from your events fully informed, inspired and excited about everything your school has to offer.

SEO Essentials - How to ensure your target audiences discover your School or College online in 2018-2019 – Luke Hay and Matthew D’Arcy *

Where do you go to find information?  Probably Google, possibly Bing.  So do your prospective parents and students when they search for a School.  Given this... how much time, effort and resource do you invest in improving your School’s visibility online?  How many prospective parents and students looking for what you offer find a competitor institution instead?!
This workshop, suitable for beginners and those with previous Search Engine Optimisation experience alike, will demystify SEO... covering some of the key SEO techniques you need to maintain and improve your ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines.
These days search is not just about META descriptions and link building... it requires a different way of thinking.  To gain visibility in search engines you need to understand your users and their needs.
This session will help you and your colleagues produce content over the academic year that will delight both users and search engines alike, and help improve your page ranking.  The workshop will also include details of useful tools that will help ensure you are creating webpages that answer your users' needs.  Don't miss this opportunity to gain essential skills and insights into SEO for long-term benefit.

 How to create your own video content - Charlie Guavain, Managing Director, Eyefilm

Video accounts for 80% of all internet searches and if you are marketing your school you need to understand how you can best use video to realise your marketing goals.  This hands on workshop  provides simple advice and guidance on how you can produce your own videos for your school.  Including how to set up an interview, what equipment you need (and do you already own it), the different types of video you should be producing and how to engage your students to become part of your production team. 

Make Analytics work for you - How to build a measurement plan... and identify the analytics you really need to report on! – Luke Hay *

One of the great benefits of digital is the opportunity to review and report (and then adapt and improve) on your marketing, admissions, communications, fundraising, alumni relations and reputation management.  However website analytics packages often include hundreds of different reports giving you a huge amount of data to contend with.
It is often difficult to know what you should be focussing on and how best to report that information to your colleagues, Senior Management Team and Governors.  This workshop will tackle that problem… showing you how to build a measurement plan which will serve as the foundation for all of your analytics reporting for your School or College.
The session will uncover what you can report on using tools like Google Analytics and will help you focus on the information which is most relevant to your institution.

No previous analytics experience is necessary, but even advanced analytics users will benefit from this approach which ensures that analytics reports are focused around the different users of your website and the objectives of your institution.
Continuous monitoring and improvement should be at the centre of your marketing and admissions activity and crucial to that is knowing what to report and why.  By the end of this session you'll know how to produce a comprehensive measurement plan for your institution and the reporting options available to you

The Pillars of a Personal Brand  - Olivia Malaure, Finalsite

The concept of a personal brand is nothing new, but in a competitive world of influencers and experts it’s becoming increasingly important if you want to stand out. A personal brand is - like any brand - made up of a mix of factors, thoughts and ideas that people have of you when they think about you. Some of these factors are tangible (your knowledge and experience), others are intangible (your personality and attitude), but they all come together to give people a feel of both what and who you're all about, so they can decide if they're going to buy into that brand and your school. In this workshop we explore the personal brands of current influencers and consciously work out what your personal brand is and ways you can help your school’s leadership team develop their personal brand online in order to market it to others.

Case Studies

Small Wonder School Engagement Programme - Julie Atherton, Small Wonder

Every school has a unique identity and offers a different experience.  Small Wonder’s bespoke engagement approach has been developed to support schools in understanding and owning their shared identity and improve student recruitment, staff retention, productivity and morale.
The approach engages with pupils, teachers, support staff and the management team to identify the strengths and challenges of the school.
Developed for schools, the methodology is based on Small Wonder’s experience of leading and working with a wide range of commercial brands. The evidence-based approach combines research, surveys and interviews to build a school action plan that empowers your stakeholders to promote your school.

The challenges of implementing Change – Jane Tudor Head of Luckley House School

More coming soon

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