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2019 Keynote Speeches and Workshops


"Helping More Parents Choose Your School” - Mark Rhodes

Mark will share how anyone can improve their confidence, communication and abilities in "selling without selling” with the right attitude, approach and communication.

The mindset of success and communication separates those that struggle and those that succeed and achieve amazing success.

In Marketing and admissions, we need to be confident effective communicators.
At times we need to be persuasive and able to engage a number of different types of people. We need to be able to get our own way more often!

We often need to be able to encourage teachers and other members of staff to support us and to contribute material for their marketing and we need to have influence and be persuasive with the Head and Senior management team (to get agreement for their plans etc.)

How we engage with parents, prospective parents and other members of the community is also vitally important to the success of our roles and ultimately the school’s success.

A presentation full of mindset and skillset tips and techniques that you can use straightaway, including some selling tips and tools, advice on communication and engagement, and building confidence.

Change Management and Strategic Marketing - Dr Mike Milner, Head of Senior School, Reddam House

Attract, Engage - Convert Sophy Walker, Head of Marketing and Jack Dougherty, Multi- Media Officer, Felsted School

Ten steps to increasing admissions enquiries through effective marketing techniques


Why Current Parents Should Play a Significant Role in a School's Marketing Strategy – Gabriele Richardson, Marketing Strategy Consultant, The Concept Factory

Is your school's marketing strategy predominantly focused on prospective parents and achieving a full capacity in terms of school roll? Do you feel that as a marketeer you have gone above and beyond attracting prospective parents and feel you need to find more ways to reach your audience? The workshop will discuss methods and case studies of independent schools who have found a variety of strategies that have allowed them to grow their school roll!

How Can Customer Journey Strategy Help You Achieve Your Admissions Goals? - Katy Wrench, Halcyon School

Great customer experience is THE most important marketing technique for achieving your admissions targets for the year. From start to finish, you need a clearly defined procedure to achieve that.

We know that collaboration is key when it comes to a school’s marketing, communications, alumni and admissions departments. When uncoordinated, handing off customer leads between different departments can be tricky and confusing, leading to a lack of fluidity in the customer service delivered.

This hands-on, interactive workshop will show you how to create your own customer journey workflow, from marketing and admissions to alumni and development, highlighting the key interactions between you and your customers.

You will come away from this session with a developed understanding of the process and interactions your leads go through to become a customer. This visualised management structure will help you identify points where inter-team collaboration may provide an opportunity for improvement, or where the customer journey could be streamlined.

"The Concept of Campaigns" Embracing Context and Delivering Creative Results - Miles Latham, Affixius Film

Miles Latham from Affixxius Films talks about the importance and usefulness of implementing campaigns for marketing your school. Independent schools should start adopting one of the marketing strategies the commercial sector have used for decades, The Campaign. It's not an overhaul of your brand, but rather what you want to say about your school and its context, now, and how can you create that 'hook' and make it last.

Maximising Your School's Social Media ROI - Alta Justus, Digital Marketing Education Specialist, The Virtual Marketer

Social media marketing can be a dynamic powerhouse that solidifies your school brand, creates quality leads, and drives Admissions. Or, it can be a complete waste of your time. The key is to know how to strategically create, carry out, and measure your overall plan.

In this workshop I’ll reveal secrets to maximising your school’s social media return. Just a few of the areas we'll cover:
  • how to track your social media results in Google Analytics
  • social media tools to give you the competitive advantage
  • creating content for each stage of your Admissions funnel
  •  remarketing + how to create custom audiences for social advertising

Learn how to use social media the right way and raise your school’s online profile!

"Making it Happen – Helping More Parents Choose Your School by Mastering Your Next Open Day” - Mark Rhodes

How to run an exceptional open day and how to make sure you have an effective follow through process in place afterwards.

Start developing a powerful "Attract, Engage, Convert” process for your next Open day with the aim of converting more parents to choose your school for their kids.

Have a plan and strategy for how to manage your customer at each stage of their journey – understand what they need at each point and therefore how to tailor the information and the way that information is communicated depending at what point of the decision process the are at (again following the attract, engage convert model).

Getting teachers, cleaners, gardeners, administrators .. the whole school to understand they have a role to play in how the school is presented and perceived by visitors/parents/prospective parents – getting everyone on board with marketing the school.

Compelling Content Strategy for Busy Marketers - Olivia Malaure, Marketing Manager, Finalsite

Are you a marketer who knows you ‘should’ be working on a content strategy but you haven’t had the time? Or have you created a content strategy - but the work ahead looks daunting?!
In this workshop we’ll break down the steps to plan an engaging, purposeful content strategy that focuses on plugging the ‘leaks’ of any admissions funnel. We’ll explore how you can use blogging, social media, email marketing and even webinars and podcasts to promote your school brand while focussing on how these activities can be realistically (and calmly) implemented by small and busy marketing teams.

How to Engage New and Existing Parents Using Visual Marketing Through Various Forms of Video, Animation and Photography - Adam Millbank, JonesMillbank

The digital world has now revolutionised the way in which parents gather information. A mix of promotional material and parent opinion, as well as journalism, all form perception.

So how can you make sure that you’re not only visible in the marketplace, to the right audience, but also seen as unique? How do you remain visible and relevant to your current students and parents for retention?

In our workshop we’ll look at the ways visual marketing, through various forms of video, animation and photography, can be the most effective form of communication for your school. We’ll provide a walkthrough of methods that you can implement yourselves to keep content on-brand, consistent and relevant. We’ll also explore how your own staff and students can be involved and include top tips for content creation and distribution.

You’ll go away with a toolkit for not only creating the right content but the ways in which you can make it a powerful, cost effective marketing medium.

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