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2017 Workshops and Seminars

Skills for Ultimate Leadership and Engagement! – Joy Marsden

The world of education is a ‘people’ business.  Knowing how to engage effectively is a must to create a vibrant working environment. Soft skills are often underused and overlooked, but when used skilfully they are the very heartbeat of every successful business. Knowing how to use your soft skills effectively will make you more effective in the workplace.In this workshop you will:

  • Understanding different people and why they do what they do
  • Use THE number one soft skill that will help you engage and influence others better
  • Recognise the benefits of ‘being more you’ without losing credibility
  • Learn how to use your soft skills to drive bottom line results

    Output from Joy's speech

    7 steps for being successful everyday:

    1.    Be willing to take action every day – every step counts
    2.    You are alive – see the beauty in life
    3.    Find your personal joy (see what I did there)
    4.    Live with hope – new, fresh, positive
    5.    Get through the mundane – life is mostly about this
    6.    Take steps in the dark – you won’t always have answers
    7.    Let go of fear – do not be discouraged – there is light at the end of the tunnel

    There is a free download that explains these 7 steps further on my website www.steppingforsuccess.com

    Also for those who would like a copy of the Keep Stepping Book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keep-Stepping-Essential-Yourself-Challenge/dp/0993381405

The nature of digital change- Olivia Malaure

Fear is synonymous with change and in today’s increasingly complex and fast moving world of education, school marketers need new digital skills to stay afloat. Not unlike the ocean, social media has inspired some of us to jump in while others stand back as fearful onlookers. Nobel prize winner (1914) Rabindranath Tagore wrote, ‘You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.’ In this session we jump in, unscramble the future, and explore how schools can stay afloat and adapt to the inevitable forces of the current digital landscape

Crisis management - preparing, managing and the aftermath - Elizabeth Lewis-Jones

We often pay lip service to managing a crisis or a difficult situation but how tried and tested really are your procedures and how prepared are you? In this session we will look at preparing for a crisis, ensuring that everyone in an organisation knows the information they need and the role they play. We’ll look at the different issues schools face and how organisations need to respond in a 24/7 media and social media world. Finally, how can you bounce back after a situation and mend any repetitional damage.

How to create a social media marketing strategy in under an hour! - Olivia Malaure

Find out how to create a strategy that will make an impact, drive traffic to your website and increase your school's brand presence. Explore the tools and tricks that big brands using to engage their audiences on social media and how schools can adapt these techniques.
Learn how to:   
  • audit your school’s and competitor’s social media accounts
  • set social media objectives
  • identify your audience and their preferred platforms
  • create compelling content
  • use free tools for publishing and managing social media
  • measure your social media impact

Risk, uncertainty and decision making - Caspar Berry

As the world around us becomes increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, the ability to feel comfortable with such uncertainty becomes more and more of a key skill. This session can help participants develop their leadership skills by:
  • giving them a new appreciation of the reality, implications and challenges posed by uncertainty when making decisions and allocating resources
  • giving them a new toolset to overcome these challenges in volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous circumstances
  • creating a new mindset and a way of breaking out of old risk-averse habits and methodologies
  • cascading such a mindset down through an organisation so that  the people you work with are more able to feel comfortable with risk so that they can better embrace change, innovate and seize opportunity

Stakeholder-led marketing - How to turn stakeholders into everyday ambassadors -  Lucinda Grafton

Lucinda will be sharing her own experience and usingcase studies will be providing practical advice on best practice internal communications strategies

'Social media - what schools are doing, what they are not doing and what they should be doing' – Simon Hepburn

 Every year at Marketing Advice for Schools we survey schools on a wide range of marketing tools and approaches. At the end of 2016 we found significant changes in the ways schools are using social media as they balance the challenges of building communities, protecting a school's reputation and safeguarding students and staff.
We used this research to identify the 4 key areas that schools would most benefit from - creating school networks to gather news, segmenting and targeting different social media audiences, tracking a school's social media reputation, and intervening early with students and staff when problems arise. 
Our workshop will enable schools to rate their current performance in each area and come up with practical steps to improve their performance.

Understanding the Chinese Market - Carolyn Reed

With record numbers of Chinese students applying to schools in the UK, it is imperative for schools to have a good understanding of the cultural, economic and social drivers that prompt Chinese families to seek an education in the UK. A deeper understanding of the Chinese mindset, culture and economic landscape will help you to understand this crucial stakeholder group and make more effective decisions when deciding your marketing and admissions strategy.

'Marketing that supports your charitable status' –Simon Hepburn

 'Private schools are "welfare junkies” and should be stripped of their charitable status and forced to pay business rates' according to Michael Gove (TES, 24th February 2017)
 A key challenge for independent schools at all times is convincing the Government (of whatever political flavour) that they are doing things that justify their charitable status. And part of any charity's role is to showcase what it is doing. But this can be lost in the day-to-day struggles for students, income and staff.
Our workshop will show how one school has set out to identify the key stakeholders and stories that will help it justify its charitable status and embedded this within its wider marketing processes, as well as providing strong input into the school's future development strategy. Schools will then be guided as they develop their own initial charity marketing strategy and work out who they need to influence inside and outside their school.

Using film as your ‘Shop Window’ - setting the tone of your school’s message.” - Miles Latham

This workshop will look to take direct learning points from high-end commercial brands in terms of the process that is followed to establish a creative ‘tone’ for a school from which all other outward material (websites, prospectuses, advertising etc) can be derived.  We will then examine how film (video) can act as the 'shop window’ of this creative tone and explore examples of its successful and diverse use.

Hunch vs Hard Data: An introduction to using analytics, user tracking and marketing automation to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates – Peter German

In this session we will be exploring how we make decisions and how digital analytics might  help us make better ones. We will introduce three free tools marketers can use (Google Analytics, Heap and Hotjar) and see how they can provide us with valuable insight into the actions and behaviours of prospective parents. These can, in turn, be used to ‘fine tune’ everything from the look and feel to our website through to the fundamentals of our marketing strategy. We will round off the session with an opportunity to share real-life examples and exchange ideas

How do we secure pupil numbers: Using your MIS to maximise the information at your fingertips - Alexander Milne and Sheila Hallsworth

This session considers how your schools’ MIS should be a key tool for managing the marketing and admissions process; from the initial enquiry and tracking event attendees, to entrance assessments and tier 4 student visas. All admissions data can be captured in one place, allowing you to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing and admissions strategy.

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