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Marketing schools to HM Armed Forces

Why should schools choose this service?

Our Choosing a School Resource Pack service is specially designed to offer parents in the Armed Forces across the UK and abroad and parents relocating to the UK, tailored advice on choosing a school.

The UK Government has announced the withdrawal of the final British Army units in Germany by 2019. The army's plans will see 15,000 troops move back to the UK by 2020. This means many more armed forces families will be looking for information on schooling and education in the UK over the next 12 months.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to include your school’s prospectus and/or promotional material within our pack. You will be giving parents the chance to view detailed information about your school. The pack is sent (annually in May) to 230 locations across the United Kingdom including:

  • HM armed forces including Army Education Centres
  • HIVEs of all three services
  • RAF stations
  • Royal Navy and Royal Marine bases
  • Joint HQs and defence liaison teams overseas
  • Relocation companies across the UK

What can schools include in the Choosing a School Resource Pack?

We can include almost any size and shape of publicity material including most size prospectuses. Past items have included:

Prospectuses, leaflets, posters, newsletters, school magazines, postcards and Open Day invitations
DVDs, mini DVDs on cards, in prospectuses, in card or plastic wallets, or in action packs
A2, A5, A6, DL, oblong and square prospectuses

We have always aimed at sending Choosing a School to places where parents and advisers are actively looking for schools. So, over the years, many schools have found it a highly effective way of distributing their prospectuses – do please contact us if you want to know more.

Comments about the Choosing a School Resource Pack

'I would like to say that isbi Choosing a School Resource Pack is extremely helpful to customers when faced witht he challenge of choosing the right school.'  St Athan's Hive

'We like to receive the Choosing a School Resource pack from isbi and do find it useful for parents to take away and bring back.'  Catterick Hive

'Yes please send us a pack, this is one of the key resources used when clients are looking for somewhere to relocate to.' Southwest Relocation

‘Always a useful resource to have available!’ Army Education and Resettlement Office, Episkopi, Cyprus

‘Loaned out to parents, or parents have a look in the office here. The pack is very resourceful and practical.’ Royal Artillery HIVE, Larkhill, Wiltshire

‘Pack is used by office, guests and is distributed to parents. It’s very good and parents and staff find it a very useful research tool. The visit check list is very useful.’ Relocation One, London


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