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St James Senior Boys School results of their ISI Inspection

This week, St James Senior Boys School have received the much anticipated results of their ISI inspection, which took place last term. St James is described as highly successful in meeting its primary aim of providing an education which is, fully holistic, achieving growth in a boys physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds.
Breaking down the report, which looks at all aspects of school life, the Inspectors highlighted the excellent relationships between pupils and their teachers, the excellent personal development of pupils and that the daily periods of reflection and meditation contribute very positively to pupils development.

Learning and achievement were commented upon: The pupils are well educated in line with the schools principal aims to enable them to achieve their very best and to create a love of knowledge and learning, as was the Sixth Formers, who achieve notably high standards. St James Senior Boys School isnt academically selective, but their academically rigorous environment, wide curriculum and extensive extra-curricular programme allows students to achieve more than they think is possible. This is reflected not only in GCSE and A Level results but also in the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the pupils, which was described as excellent.

The Inspection, which takes place as standard across all independent schools, came within Headmaster David Braziers first term in charge. He was delighted with the report, commenting facing an ISI inspection after just a few months as Headmaster of a school was a daunting task, however I was confident that St James would emerge well. The strong and distinctive ethos is felt throughout the school and this sense of Unity allowed us to meet the Inspectors with an open heart, giving them a true experience of life at St James.

If you would like to find out more about St James Senior Boys School, please contact the Registrar, Mr Patrick Lawler, on 01784 266930.

Published: January 9 2014

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