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Grace Webster Wins Collins Big Cat Writing Competition

The Elephants Ears by Grace Webster was recently published in the Collins Big Cat reading series as a result of Grace winning the 2013 Collins Big Cat Writing Competition.

Grace was encouraged to enter into the competition by her class teacher at Colchester High School. The Collins Big Cat Writing Competition is an annual fiction writing competition for all children in Years 5 and 6. The children can write either a poem or story that would be suitable for children in Year 1. The two winning entries are made into a published book with illustrations by a professional artist.

Graces story, The Elephants Ears, is about an elephant who was frightened to go to the hairdressers and was praised by the Judge Berlie Doherty for its humour and originality. When asked what inspired her, Grace explained I came up with the idea of the book when we were reading to Year 2 pupils and I was reading a jungle book. I also based all the characters on my friends. At the time I was writing I had a very long fringe and my Dad kept nagging me to have it cut. I also liked repetitive stories when I was little. So thats how I got the idea.

Collins Big Cat offers a range of childrens books from top authors who understand exactly what inspires and motivates children to read. Graces book The Elephants Ears is now available in all leading bookshops and on line.

Published: March 19 2014

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