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Construction Begins on New Sports Centre

The £3million project to transform Ashville's Sports Centre is now underway, and is scheduled to be completed by the start of the new school year in September.

Once completed, the Sports Centre will boast a significantly enlarged gymnasium, a new studio, 9 new changing facilities, a new reception and café area, and new staff offices. The swimming pool will also be redecorated and receive much needed maintenance.

Headmaster Mr Lauder said: “At £3m, this is the single biggest investment undertaken at Ashville College so far. The Sports Centre has been a central feature of the campus for more than half a century, but the decades of constant use by pupils, club members and outside organisations, have taken their toll. Once completed, which all being well should be late August, we will have one of the most modern sports centres in the region. To lessen disruption – and to reduce the construction timescale - a large part of the new-look sports centre is being made off-site. During the Easter holidays these units will be transported to Harrogate and simply lowered into place. This allows Ashville’s games programme to run without disruption throughout the year.”

In addition to this latest investment, Ashville has, over the last 5 years, spent a further £1.6m on: a new all-weather surface pitch, making its swimming pool more energy efficient, improving drainage to its 1st XV rugby pitch, significant investment in equipment for the gym, and state-of-the-art new lighting in both Sports Halls.

Published: February 1 2017

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