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ACS Hillingdon hosts international football tournament

ACS Hillingdon hosted the International School Sports Tournament (ISST) girls' senior football championships last month, November 9-11, at its sports ground, Iver Fields. The three-day event saw eight teams compete, from countries such as Israel, Austria and Germany.

The tournament saw two groups of teams compete before the best two teams from each group moved on to the semi-finals. ACS Hillingdon's own team battled through their matches to make the final, before being defeated 2-0 by Vienna International School, securing the silver position.

Jett Russell, Athletic Director at ACS Hillingdon, commented: "The girls played their hearts out throughout the tournament and I am proud of the incredible strides they have made as a team in the last two months leading up to the competition. The ISSTs are brilliant for bringing students from all over the globe together and making new friends through the world of competitive sport."

Published: December 8 2017

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