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Speech and Drama success at the Mid-Somerset Festival

Our Speech and Drama pupils went to Bath in March to perform at the Mid-Somerset Festival, a competition where each pupil individually performs alongside others from different schools in the same year group. Pupils achieved excellent scores, with Year 8 Zara Harrison receiving a distinction for her poem recital of the work of Emily Dickinson.

Each year group had a different poet or theme to study. Year 7 studied the poet James Kirkup, Year 6 studied Pie Corbett, with Flora Loxton-Dally winning her category. Year 5 had a theme based on writing, Year 4 focused on the theme of change and Year 3 explored the topic of small animals. Well done also to Year 2 Greta Malozemova who did incredibly well to take part and received some fantastic feedback from the adjudicator.

Published: April 13 2018

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