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Year 6 Explore 16th Century Traditions On Tudor Day

Last Wednesday, Year 6 pupils celebrated Tudor Day at the Prep School by dressing up in traditional Tudor clothing and taking part in a range of activities.

Throughout the day, the pupils visited different classrooms in the new build to try three Tudor-related activities including: creating Tudor houses out of cardboard; making and decorating pomanders using ribbon; and painting roses made out of clay.

The children were even lucky enough to meet Henry VIII himself (Mr Griffiths).

Towards the end of the day, the pupils commented on what they most enjoyed from their Tudor experience:

“I enjoyed seeing everyone in their fabulous costumes.” – Flod

“I liked making houses, because you had to use your imagination.” – Baci

“I liked making houses and dressing up.” – Nishala

“I loved doing all the activities, because we don’t always get to do them.” – Savva

“I love how we got to paint our Tudor roses.” – Fred

“It was an all-round brilliant day.” – Tom
Published: November 20 2019

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