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Kingshott Reaches the South Pole!

The 2011 Scott House Charity Challenge involved children dragging heavily laden sledges around the Ashbrook Field , to raise money for the Royal British Legion by way of sponsoring the Centenary Race between two military teams along the original Scott and Amundsen Routes to the South Pole. The expedition leader was so impressed with our efforts that he offered to take a Kingshott Flag with him to the Antarctic and photograph it at the Pole.

In September 2011 Scott House held a competition to design a flag for Lt Col Henry Worsley to take with him on his expedition to the South Pole. Sophie Woods and Francesca Wyatts flag was selected, printed and dispatched to the Antarctic.

The race to the South Pole was duly run and the second of the two teams made their target of arriving at the Pole of Scotts Centenary (by minutes!) and this week we received an image of our flag at the pole, held by Lt Col Henry Worsley, the Expedition Leader. Overall this was a great cause for the school to support and whats more, it has turned into something that the children, especially those in Scott House, have seen from inception to completion!

Published: May 9 2012

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