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Dover College boarding, it feels like home says pupil

"Its spacious because its nicely spread around The Close. And its nice that you have all the Houses and Refectory around The Close. The academic side is on another side of the School so in the evening, if you are a boarder, it feels more like your home. Year 10 International pupil

The one thing that stands out is that we are all welcoming and just one huge family. Whenever someone new comes in, everyone knows them and is friends with them in the first week. Theres no popularity contests or anything. If someone doesnt do so well its not something we look down on. Year 10 International pupil

Its become a second family hasnt it a second life. You are very close to your boarding Housemistress and you feel that you can trust them because they will always be behind you. Year 9 boarding pupil

Published: March 10 2014

Dover College

Effingham Crescent,
CT17 9RH
+44 1304 205969
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