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E.S.C.O.L.A. - English School Community of Luanda Angola

Rua Cambambe 21-23, Bairro Patrice Lumumba, Luanda, Angola
Tel: +244 222 443416  Fax: +244 222 443326
Founded 2003
Director of Education: Ms Gillian Davidson
Admissions Coordinator: Sofia Lemos
Administrative Director: Fernando Gomes

School attributes
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Age range:3 - 14
Day pupils: 86 boys and 88 girls
Annual day fees: $18,920 - $32,250
TOTAL PUPILS: 86 boys and 88 girls
Staff numbers: 13 full time and 5 part time
Method of entry: Common Entrance, Early registration or registration at birth, Entry test or exam, Interview, Please apply to school, Questionnaire, Registration, Report from previous school, Visit school
Accreditations and affiliations: ECIS member, ISA International, ISASA
Religious affiliation: All denominations welcome
Teaching languages: English
Scholarships and bursaries: Other bursaries, Teaching

A word from the head

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E.S.C.O.L.A. The English School Community of Luanda, Angola is situated in Luanda itself and aims to provide, in the medium of English, a learner-centred education of the highest calibre that is relevant in the Southern African and international context. The curriculum is eclectic in nature, and although centered round Outcome Based Education, has been adapted to incorporate international trends such as Singapore Mathematics. Being our host country, included in the curriculum are aspects of the culture, history and geography of Angola as required by the Angolan Ministry of Education.

E.S.C.O.L.A. caters to students from Pre-Primary 3 to Grade 9 and its philosophy is based on providing an holistic education that promotes the growth of the complete person in body, mind and spirit. Class sizes are limited to between twenty to twenty-five students, and where necessary, academic and teacher assistants are appointed to assist in the junior classes.

E.S.C.O.L.A. is an interdenominational, independent school that welcomes students of differing nationalities and cultures. In this environment, respect for other cultures is a core aspect of our school, and we celebrate our diversity each year by holding an International Day.

E.S.C.O.L.A. is a caring school environment that provides opportunities for students to become empathetic citizens of the world by encouraging them to think of others less fortunate than themselves - World Stand Up Against Poverty Day is celebrated annually and we currently support the Community School’s Project based in Luanda and El Shaddai based in Lobito.

E.S.C.O.L.A. is associated with the well-established Colégio Português and the Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of both schools. The students of both schools benefit from the cross-cultural exposure in such an environment and interaction between the two schools is encouraged. Consequently, our second language, which is Portuguese, is enhanced through social interaction while students begin formal lessons in Portuguese in Grade 1.

E.S.C.O.L.A. is a member of ISASA (the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa), ECIS (The European Council of International Schools) and ANEP (Associação Nacional do Ensino Particular). In order to remain up to date on current educational trends, staff development meetings are held. Our Grade 5 to 9 students write the ISA international examinations each year in October. These offer a chance to benchmark against some of the better schools internationally.

E.S.C.O.L.A. provides opportunities for individuals to enhance their talents in a variety of areas. Sport is integrated into the school day while swimming, for all classes, takes place in the school's pool. During the course of the year both the Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phases present a concert, while the Primary and Lower Secondary Phases, hold a supper theatre evening. Towards the end of the academic year an annual creative book day and art exhibition are held. Various optional extra-curriculum activities are offered each term for students in Grade 1 to 9. Students belonging to the combined E.S.C.O.L.A./Colégio Português swimming team, are trained after school, and take part every year in the Luanda Mini League swimming galas. On occasions members of the swimming squad from both schools have swum the Midmar Mile in South Africa.

E.S.C.O.L.A. encourages communication between Parents and Teachers and to this end has an open door policy. Reports are forwarded to Parents in the first and third term, while Parent interviews are held in the second term as well as a Student Led Conference day in the third term.

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