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Sompting Abbotts School, Sussex

Church Lane, Sompting, Sussex, BN15 0AZ
Tel: +44 1903 235960  Fax: +44 1903 210045
Web: www.somptingabbotts.com
Founded 1921
Principal and Head Master: Mrs P M Sinclair & Mr Stuart Douch MA
Principal: Mrs P M Sinclair
Bursar and Director: Mr David Sinclair

School attributes
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Age range:2 - 13
Day pupils: 115 boys and 60 girls
Annual day fees: £7,560 - £9,690
TOTAL PUPILS: 115 boys and 60 girls, including 10 boys and 5 girls in the 6th form
Staff numbers: 15 full time and 8 part time
Method of entry: Assessment, Interview
Accreditations and affiliations: ISC, ISBA, IAPS
Religious affiliation: All denominations welcome, Church of England
Scholarships and bursaries: Siblings, Teaching

A word from the head

Set in a magnificent site on the edge of the South Downs, Sompting Abbots overlooks the English Channel with views towards Beachy Head and the Isle of Wight. The imposing Victorian House has some 30 acres of sports fields, woodlands, gardens and activity areas.

The aim of the school is to provide a well-balanced education in a caring environment, recognising and developing the individual needs of each child, so that maximum potential academic achievement may be gained. Within the community of the school an emphasis is laid on the cultivation of courtesy, self-discipline and respect for one another in order to engender a happy atmosphere.

The school has a vibrant Pre-Preparatory Department, which includes lively Early Years classes. In the Preparatory Department well equipped Science Laboratory and Computer Room are enjoyed by all ages. The Art and Drama departments offer wide scope for creativity, and peripatetic teachers provide tuition for a range of musical instruments.

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School facilities

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Academic Languages Sport Activities Music Miscellaneous
  • Classics
  • Environmental studies
  • ICT
  • Photography
  • French
  • Latin
  • Cricket
  • Cross-country
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Rugby
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Ballet
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Drama productions
  • First aid/life savers
  • Shooting
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Brass
  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Singing
  • Strings
  • Woodwind
  • After school club
  • Particular diets

Curriculum and exams

Exam boards: ISEB

    Special needs

    This school provides for individual pupils with these needs:

    • Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)

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    School reference: R30286

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