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Ex King�s Bruton Music Director sets novel at former school

Published Wednesday 16th of January 2013 03:27:29 PM

Anyone who worked with the occasionally mischievous former Director of Music at King�s, Bruton in Somerset, Dr Glynn Jenkins, would be well advised to read his latest novel, Corpus Procession, now available on Kindle.
Dr Jenkins has based his latest detective story at �the prestigious King�s School in Bruton�, unashamedly admitting in his Author�s Note that �some friends have allowed themselves to appear in these pages, to be affectionately portrayed and frequently lampooned: they know who they are, and all other characters are entirely fictional.�
Be that as it may, former colleagues previously satirised in Dr Jenkins� staff pantomines will now be devouring the contents of his third novel to ascertain whether they can breathe again � or whether they need a telephone number for my learned friend.
Dr Jenkins, now Director of Music at St Leonard�s in Fife, did say, however: �It's entirely complimentary about the School, so the Head has nothing to fear!�
The Kindle blurb explains that Detective George Ashley is invited to King�s for its annual Corpus Christi Procession, and whilst he is there, a murder takes place � together with the theft of a curious work of art.
Assisted by his nephew Tom, a mounted gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery, he resolves to take on the case himself, but soon finds himself some way down the proverbial rabbit-hole � in which he discovers that the crimes of the present are in fact inextricably linked with the area�s historic past.

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