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Sensational Science Week

Published Tuesday 16th of April 2013 02:14:03 PM

National Science Week provided the Science Department with a fantastic opportunity to celebrate their subject. From archaeology to forensics, falconry to astronomy, the children had the chance to experience some exciting new things.

In mid-March the whole school celebrated National Science Week with a wide variety of activities.

The week got off to a roaring start with classes taking part in dinosaur themed activities. Using their archaeological skills the children unearthed parts of dinosaur skeletons, carefully brushing away the sand and collecting the pieces to make a complete model. They also all enjoyed the chance to make their very own fossil, crafting a mould out of clay and then filling it with Plaster of Paris.

In the Senior School groups of pupils became Crime Scene Investigators attempting to solve the mystery of the murder of Miss Monroe in the Science Lab. Evidence surrounding the body suggested foul play, with four other people at the scene of the crime. After they had collected samples of finger prints, hair and shoe prints from the four suspects, the groups used forensic science techniques to complete fingerprint and hair analysis from evidence found at the scene of the crime to identify the culprit!

A highlight of the week was a majestic flying display from some beautiful birds of prey. Following a talk in the School Hall where the children were introduced to a Harris Hawk, a Kestrel, a Barn Owl, a Saker Falcon, an Eagle Owl and a Little Owl, the session moved outside to watch the birds in action. First it was the turn of the Harris Hawk as it circled high over the astro turf. Its magnificent wingspan was demonstrated to full effect with some low flying swoops over the children. The next bird to fly was the Kestrel, and the children were amazed to witness his speed in the air and his accuracy as he caught objects thrown by his handler.

The final activity of the week was the opportunity for classes to visit the planetarium set up in the school hall. In the dome shaped tent the children were treated to an astrological show with some beautiful projections of constellations as they learnt all about space and what we can see in the night sky.
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