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Recent testimonials from current and prospective parents

Published Monday 6th of May 2013 04:49:46 PM

'I can't imagine my children ever going to another school than Dolphin. There is no other school I've come across which can genuinely encourage a sense of self, without arrogance, and a love of learning without losing perspective of the world around. Above all else, their school days have been joyfully happy. These are gifts which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.'

'Our children are going to places and seeing things in Year 4 that most won't experience even in a secondary school. Other schools are coming round to the idea that it's not a luxury; it's a fundamental part of your education. Dolphin's been doing it for decades.'

'I get the impression that the staff at Dolphin care very deeply about my children, and what happens to them once they leave the school.'

'Some schools can give you the feeling that they're dusting off the curriculum, ready for another year. Our kids are constantly being challenged with new ideas and new approaches.'

'One thing never fails to startle me at Dolphin how much the teachers are genuinely committed to the children. They make extra efforts, often at their own inconvenience, to make sure that a child thrives. And they keep doing it, day in, day out.'

'I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the fantastic tour we had earlier in the week. We were hugely impressed by the school's ethos and atmosphere - it was truly palpable what a unique learning environment Dolphin School offers children. I have no doubt that my son would be suited to this environment.' (Prospective parent after a tour)

'Education for me is a word which heralds an image of hours spent learning poetry by rote and rules, rules governing every item of uniform and conduct, out of bounds and the correct way to underline headings, of stern suited teachers whom we addressed as Sir and wet-breaks when we were trapped indoors by the weather. Education for my children who have both attended Dolphin School has meant developing a love of learning and a fascination with all subjects which I believe and hope will stay with them for the rest of their school careers and throughout their lives. As a parent in a recession the question is 'what does a private education offer my children that a state education will not?' and subsequently 'what does Dolphin offer that other prep schools do not?' I suspect the answer is enthusiasm: you are paying for an extraordinary enthusiasm for learning both from the staff and from the other children creating an atmosphere where the children can flourish.'

'It's hard to capture in a few words the wonderful way that Dolphin combines being 'different', 'unique' and 'fresh' with the current demands of the academic world getting places at top schools and the foundations to get top grades going forward. What I have always valued (having had 3 children going through from age 4 to 13) is the emphasis on enabling each child as an individual to be at their personal best. It's the values instilled in them that shine through when they leave, as well as the love of learning and academic rigour. I just wish Dolphin had been there when I was of school age!'

'I feel our fees are totally justified by the high quality and teaching methods of the staff. They get the best out of our children.'

'Dolphin School was our first choice because its values show a reinforcement of our home values, where respect and effort are two key principles. As I am in my 21st combined school year at Dolphin, I am often asked what it is about the school that I like. I jokingly reply that it is not the Olympic swimming pool but the quality of the staff. I consider it a luxury to have subject specialist teachers, each with their own passion. It is this enthusiasm that rubs off and develops the pupils into 'all-rounders' with a multi-disciplinary outlook on life. Drawn by the trip-driven teaching methods, I qualified to drive the Dolphin mini bus in order to be more involved in it. Experiencing the contribution of this teaching approach to our children's development is very rewarding and goes far beyond the high academic achievements. A school represents everyday life with its hiccups and I have been pleased with the way some small issues have been handled by the school. The point for improvement, as raised by several parents, including myself, is communication and the fact that I am writing this testimonial is one way in which Dolphin school makes me feel that it listens. I am looking forward to a few more years of being a Dolphin mum.'

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