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Warwick School Strives for a Brighter Future

Published by Warwick School on Tuesday 7th of May 2013

With so much in the media as to whether it is still worth going to University and what the alternatives are, it is so important for young people to be much more aware of their options. To help with research, careers advice and potential opportunities, Warwick School recently hosted their biennial Careers and Higher Education Fair.

With employers, ranging from IBM to Rolls Royce, and universities, from the University College London to Oxford University, this was certainly a very well attended occasion. Hosted in the school's new sports centre, the 'Halse Pavilion', 58 companies, 26 gap year schemes, and 40 top universities were quizzed and questioned by over 350 visitors from a number of schools including Warwick School, King's High School, The Kingsley School and Myton School.

Dubbed both a 'real eye-opener' by one student, as well as 'impressive and informative' by a parent, the local community was offered an array of exhibits to help them to determine a path and plan for what, to most, seems an ominous future.

Given the announcement that unemployment has reached 2.56 million only weeks ago, such an event was regarded to be 'a reassurance to the everyday parent', according to one exhibitor. With each aisle packed and prospectuses piled high, absent was any lingering pessimism, as, instead, students from various years prepared early. Whether the aspiration was the Royal Air Force, journalism at the BBC, or even Classics at Cambridge, the numerous firms and organisations attending suggested that the future, perhaps, is not as dark as the current gloom indicates.
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