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A Grand Day Out

Published Friday 10th of May 2013 10:11:23 AM

More than 350 grandparents were welcomed over two days this week to Sutton Valence
Preparatory and Senior School, near Maidstone. On Tuesday they were taken on tours of the Prep
School by their grandchildren before being treated to afternoon tea and home-made cake in the
Dining Hall. There, they were able to enjoy a well-deserved rest with their grandchildren following
the busy afternoon's activities.

Then, on Wednesday morning almost 100 grandparents arrived to have personal tours around the
Senior School before having a buffet lunch with their grandchildren in the Music School.

Bruce Grindlay, Headmaster, welcomed the grandparents to Sutton Valence and said that he was
delighted to see so many there as they were a valued part of the school community and had a
significant supportive role in their grandchildren's academic and social education.

One proud grandparent commented, 'It's such a pleasure to have a behind the scenes look at my
grandson's school, it makes me wish I could go back to school'.

For more information please contact Ellan Iaquaniello, Marketing Officer, Sutton Valence School, 01622 845258, or Helen Knott, Development Manager, Sutton Valence School, 01622 845271,

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