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Barrow Hills Officially Excellent

Published Monday 3rd of June 2013 11:34:23 AM

It's a very bright future for Barrow Hills School, following its recent ISI Inspection (the Independent Schools equivalent to Ofsted). During the week of 5th to 8th February, a team of five Inspectors scrutinised every aspect of School life from teaching and learning to safeguarding and regulatory compliance. In its main findings, the Inspectors commented, 'Barrow Hills School amply fulfils its aim to educate the whole child, identify what they do best and celebrate it fully. From EYFS upwards, pupils' excellent personal development is shown by the strong sense of community, the way pupils are at ease with themselves and their fellows, the way their lives reflect the Christian heartbeat of the school, and their excellent moral and social awareness.'

In relation to teaching and learning the inspectors noted, 'The excellent curriculum and activity programme supports pupils' good achievement extremely well. Pupils make an excellent start in EYFS, gaining fluency in language and number, alongside confidence in tackling problems. Older pupils show considerable creativity, speak confidently, collaborate extremely well, and participate enthusiastically in discussion�Pupils with particular gifts enjoy a high quality extension programme.'

In terms of developing the pupils at Barrow Hills as individuals, the Inspection Report writes, 'Pupils' personal development is outstanding and the older pupils' spiritual awareness is outstanding. Pupils of all faiths fully embrace the message of caring for others. Pupils demonstrate excellent moral development. Pupils' social awareness is extremely well developed, encouraged by the strong sense of community. Throughout the School, relationships between staff and pupils are excellent, as they are amongst pupils, reflecting the School's values and beliefs and the welcoming, caring and supportive nature of the School community. The strong sense of community enables staff to identify with each individual child.'

Headmaster, Mr Matthew Unsworth, commented: 'We are delighted that the Inspectors have recognised that we provide an excellent education for our children. I was particularly pleased that they commented on the effectiveness of our extension programme in developing the skills of talented pupils.'

The Report writes positively about the School's excellent leadership and governance and how those in charge have a clear vision of how to take the School forward.

Stephen Mulliner, the Chairman of Governors, added, 'Everyone at Barrow Hills works very hard to give the children in our care the best possible education and this report generously reflects our strengths. In addition, we have high ambitions for the School's future and have received expert confirmation from the ISI team that we have the right strategy for the way ahead.'
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