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Kingshott School performs Pepys' Show

Published Friday 10th of December 2010 09:41:37 AM

The Kingshott school senior production in November, Pepys' Show, was a stunning success for the Year 7 and 8 children, who all performed. The play, a musical comedy by Debbie Campbell, was the directorial debut at Kingshott of Mrs Richardson, who also adapted the script.
Audiences were transported back in time to the Seventeenth Century London of the famous diarist, Samuel Pepys, played by Thomas Crowson, who perched with aplomb at his writing desk and linked the scenes together with commentary.

The show benefitted from an excellent variety of songs, which, thanks to the long tradition of fine singing at the School inculcated by Miss Eales, the children delivered superbly. Particular mention must go to the soloists, Oliver Laws-Mather, singing the song of Dr Dipsy Doodle, Jordan Dexter, singing as Merry the Ferryman and Ryan Stonebridge leading the way in the song, The Great Fire of London, as the Town Crier.

There were some beautiful group songs, too, each different and each one delivered with zest and precision, whether by the sweet voices of the upright Puritan Worthy family or the wicked hordes of rats and fleas led by Edward Sterling.

The production was enhanced by the fine costumes of the lords and ladies who revelled in their dressing-up and developed their roles accordingly! Ben Thompson, as the leaping Lord Dandy, will certainly never be the same again, while Peter Fitch as Lord Snuff and Tanika Dahad as Lady Merryjig acted as though to the manor born!

In contrast, the poor, marshalled by Carla Howell as Polly Pincher, looked suitably drab and miserable, or ragged and cheerful as required!

A clear and simple set made the best use of the available space, with the back-drops created by Mrs Rose and her band of helpers setting the scenes admirably. The change of scene for the fire of London drew particular appreciation from the audience, even before the Flames appeared to dance and sing and wave their ribbons in accompaniment!

This was a vibrant and engaging (and educational!) show from beginning to end. Only the prolonged scene changes gave any indication of the shortness of time that had been available for preparation and rehearsal. Great credit is due to all involved, not just those mentioned above, and not just those who appeared on stage the show will live in the memory of us all, performers and audiences alike.
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