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Worcestershire Literary Festival supports talented young author

Published Monday 8th of July 2013 12:33:30 PM

It is said that we all have at least one story in us and many of us dream of seeing that work published for all to enjoy.

Kay Baxter, a student at Malvern St James Girls� School, is one young girl making that dream a reality. At only 10 years old, Kay, who lives in Malvern, has already published her first book �Mespirita� and picked up a few fans along the way.

Sylvia Herbert Committee Member and Lisa Ventura, Founder & Committee Member for the Worcestershire Literary Festival were thrilled to hear about Kay�s book, popping into Malvern St James to meet the budding young author.

Sylvia said: �We were delighted to hear about Kay�s wonderful achievement in publishing her own book �Mespirita�. Part of the Festival ethos is a desire to encourage, support and promote young writers and authors, Kay is a superb role model, showing remarkable initiative and commitment. We would like to congratulate her on this achievement and wish her every success with the publication of her book.�

Kay began work on �Mespirita� at Malvern St James for her Year 6 Independent Learning Project with the aim of writing a long story and then, using Amazon's self-publishing tool 'Createspace,' see it through to publication. Set in the fantasy land of Mespirita, the reader joins Jim and Emma on a journey of dreams, elves and a treacherous mission that may cost them their lives!

�I am so happy I have achieved what I set out to do!� said Kay. �I have always wanted to be an author and love dreaming up imaginary worlds. My Form Teacher, Mr Charles, introduced me to Amazon�s Createspace and he has been so supportive during the whole process. I can�t wait to get started on the next one!�

�The Independent Study Project that each Year 6 pupil undertakes at Malvern St James is a fantastic way of fostering independent thinking and creativity,� said Mrs Marina Sherwood, Head of the Preparatory Department at Malvern St James. �The results are always inspirational, with interests ranging from rock climbing to novel writing. Moreover, the girls learn skills that can be applied throughout their School career and beyond.�

Katherine�s book �Mespirita� is available for purchase via Amazon priced �2.99.

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