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Published Wednesday 24th of July 2013 12:29:44 PM

88 students at ACS Cobham International School last week received their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exam results, a third more than last year. 41 per cent of the grades achieved by students were a Grade six or seven, the equivalent of grades A and A* at A-Level.

ACS Cobham students and staff are celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first Diploma class this year so the results were all the more special. Many of the graduating students from ACS Cobham will be going on to study at leading universities around the world.

Craig Worthington, Academic Dean and IB Diploma Co-ordinator, at ACS Cobham commented:

'This year's graduating cohort should be tremendously proud of all they have achieved over the last two years working towards their IB Diplomas. They have been a fantastic example to the school and I wish them all the best in the future.'

ACS International Schools recently published the results of research which revealed that UK admissions officers are looking for students who have a good written English skills as well as a passion for their course subject and a positive attitude towards study.

The annual report published for the eighth year running also revealed that twice as many UK university admissions officers believed that the IB Diploma was the best qualification for preparing students to thrive at university, compared to A-levels.

The research also indicated that admissions officers believed the IB diploma outperforms equivalent post-16 qualifications instilling students with key attributes such as independent inquiry, development of self management skills and ability to cope under pressure.

Craig Worthington added:

'It's very gratifying to have admissions officers confirm that we are equipping our students with the qualifications most highly rated by universities. It bodes very well for the students future in Higher Education and beyond school'
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