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Hazlegrove Year 5 have amazing learning experience in Wales

Published Monday 23rd of September 2013 03:00:30 PM

Hazlegrove children were able to enjoy a wide selection of activities on their four-day trip to Naturesbase in Wales. These ranged from orienteering, map-reading, shelter building and fire-lighting to making their own pizzas to cook in the wood-fired oven - a particular highlight! War-paints were brought out so tribal colours could be donned, bringing the historical element of the activities to life.

Working in teams to build their forest shelters, and aware the end results would be presented to the group with an 'estate agent' type pitch, the children used their ingenuity which led to the shelters having features such as vases full of flowers, kitchen tables, fire places with roasting spits and decking areas not bad when they were just built from what the children could find around them in the woods! Having created shelter, the other vital survival skill of fire lighting was the order of the day. Once each group had mastered this, and successfully made the cauldron bubble over, their reward was to toast marshmallows on their fire heavenly!

An excursion to the nearby Georgian seaside town of Aberaeron gave the children an opportunity to hone their map-reading skills as they completed a treasure hunt in their teams, looking for clues around the town that led them to their prize an award-winning ice-cream shop! The children also had the chance to test out their crabbing skills, before heading to the beach to make crab theme-parks from stones and driftwood.

Waterproofs were certainly the order of the day during the periods of typically Welsh weather but these did not hinder activities in any way and even gave the children the opportunity to test out their forest shelters for their water-proof qualities! Fortunately, the nights were spent safely tucked up in tents (not the forest shelters!) ensuring a good, comfortable, night's sleep for everyone after their exhausting but rewarding days.

On returning to Hazlegrove, still covered in mud and war-paint, it was time to reflect on a great week of learning, about science, geography, ourselves and each other. It was an experience that the Year Fives will remember for a very long time indeed and one that will enhance their future outdoor education lessons back at Hazlegrove!
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