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Kingshott School goes green with 120 solar panels

Published Thursday 23rd of January 2014 03:01:13 PM

With the panels now installed on the roof of the Middle School, 12 per cent of the power used by the School will in future be harnessed from the sun.

As the system is owned and managed by Engynious Clean Power (UK), an independent company, Kingshott will pay no maintenance costs for it, but instead use the energy generated at a discounted cost. The cost will be calculated without reference to rises in the cost of traditional fuels, enabling the school to enjoy prices significantly below the norm.

Kingshott deputy head, Andrew Whittaker said: 'The solar photovoltaic system is a real statement to the pupils at the school.

It demonstrates that it is possible to generate energy from a renewable source and with all the data that is generated on a daily basis we will be able to take the information on our solar power generation back into our lessons. We have been looking to do this for a long time and now it has happened it shows our pupils that with effort you can achieve.'

Mr Whittaker said: 'If as a school our focus changes and we look at reducing our energy use, more of our energy needs will be met by the solar power. As a first step we have started a two-week Switch It Off campaign to see if we can reduce our usage. That will give us an incentive to make a concentrated effort across the school to look at how we use energy. The financial savings are a bonus, but for us the teaching and learning that the solar PV system brings and the issues surrounding sustainability are our first consideration.' The system is expected to save Kingshott around 22,700kg of carbon emissions every year.
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