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Cobham Hall girl in Canterbury Cathedral's first girls' choir

Published Thursday 30th of January 2014 12:38:34 PM

Cobham Hall Year 10 student Tilly Green, is one of just 16 members selected for Canterbury Cathedral's first ever girls' choir, which began rehearsing at the famous cathedral in January.

'The first rehearsal was really good because I got to meet loads of new people. There were a lot of people of different ages and different schools so I got to ask them what their hobbies were and stuff,' said Tilly, admitting that 'It was really scary at first', particularly as the rehearsal was held in the evening when the cathedral was empty.

She says the choir is a step up from her previous experience. 'There are a lot of really really experienced people there like David Flood [Canterbury's Director of Music] and David Newsholme [Director of the Girls' Choir and Assistant Organist].

During rehearsals girls are quizzed on their technical musical knowledge and given technical tips to improve their singing.
At Cobham Hall, Tilly sings in the school's main choir and chamber choir. She also sings for the Rochester Cathedral Girls' Choir as well as attending the Junior Trinity programme at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

Tilly is very excited to be part of Canterbury's pioneering choir. 'It's one of the most prestigious cathedrals and I love singing,' she says.
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