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Are you sitting comfortably? Oakham School celebrates National Storytelling Week

Published by Oakham School on Thursday 13th of February 2014

Teachers at Oakham School have been enchanting pupils with well-known stories and narrating their own true tales during National Storytelling Week.

The week-long event, held in Oakham School's Smallbone library, saw teachers recounting some thrilling tales; both works of fiction and true stories!

Famous stories that were read to pupils included a tale from Alexander McCall Smith, and 'How the elephant got its trunk' from the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Other stories were made-up - Physics teacher, Mr Latham, recounting a story based on his two years of sailing around South America, complete with leaky boat anecdotes. Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr Gale, told an exciting story about his days as a singer-songwriter, when he travelled to Prague to 'find' his song.

English teacher, Mrs Masters, told a story written by one of her pupils, designed to be read aloud and inspired by the Just So Stories, about how the parrot got its colours.

Head of English, Mr Fairweather, concluded the event with a selection of short tales from his past, which the gathered audience could select according to their titles on notes spread out on the floor before him.

Oakham's younger pupils were delighted with the tales, both real and fictional, and all were reminded of the magic that resides in the art of storytelling.
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