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ACS Egham students celebrate hard work with Personal Projects evening

Published Wednesday 5th of March 2014 05:05:36 PM

Over forty students from ACS Egham have recently partaken in the Personal Project exhibition, celebrating the final year of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The Personal Project evening, which marks the end of the MYP, is a unit of study completed by students in grade 10. It showcases all the skills and knowledge pupils have developed throughout the programme. Each project is individually created and inspired by the student's own passion and interests.

ACS Egham has been hosting the Personal Projects evenings for over ten years, exhibiting to teachers, family and friends. Increasingly student projects are inspired by technology with many using websites, personal blogs and e-books to present their work.

Students are required to document their Personal Project journey in the form of a process journal, in which they draw upon the skills they have learnt through the five years of the MYP programme. Additionally, the students write a reflective report detailing what they achieved and the new skills they have developed.

Shreyansh Tyagi, aged 16, created a virtual 3D model of an eco-friendly house, using the Google Sketchup programme, to showcase construction techniques and technologies that are kinder to the environment. He went on to comment:

'Eco friendly housing is something I've been interested in for while, so this final personal project gave me the perfect opportunity to develop my understanding of construction technologies, whilst implementing the skills I have learnt throughout my time at ACS. It has taken a lot of hard work to get here, but now that it's finished I'm very proud of what I've accomplished.'

Julia Watson, MYP Personal Project coordinator, commented on the exhibition:

'The Personal Projects evening is a huge undertaking and really exemplifies the hard work the students have put in over the past six months. All of the projects were outstanding, highlighting the creativity and articulation of each student. I am very proud of what grade 10 have produced this year, and would like to congratulate everyone involved on their achievement.'
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