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Teamwork and 'having a go' strong themes at Guardian Convention

Published Wednesday 19th of March 2014 01:33:12 PM

Each year the Guardian Convention reveals new perspectives on leadership as our Lower Sixth girls contend for places on the next student leadership team. This year was no exception.

The two girls who stood for Guardian delivered surprisingly aligned speeches; neither was flashy, rather both were sincere, well thought through, earnest and focussed on the positive difference that can be made if everyone works together. There were obviously strong ties between the candidates for Guardian and their deputies, reinforcing the role of teamwork in the girls' ideas of leadership.

Esméralda, who was standing as deputy guardian for Chelsea, expressed the collaborative nature of their approach succinctly. 'Chelsea and I make a good team, however this team will not be great unless you participate, unless you give your opinion, so that we can make a difference to this community,' she said.

'It is not about us leading, it is about all of us creating a better environment together.

'It is with your contribution and with your help that we will become successful.'

Agreeing, the eventual successful candidate, Siun, said during her speech, '�we will try our best to make things happen for you. Your opinions matter to us the most.'

Internal and external references for the two Guardian candidates proved them to be solid, dependable girls, who are engaged and take hold of life with both hands.

Meanwhile, the questions posed by the audience after their speeches tested their ability to think on their feet as they fielded enquiries about their own personal qualities, how they would encourage others to discover their true potential and their specific targets for their year as Guardian.

The speeches by candidates for the four House Captain positions which followed were more light-hearted and humorous, delivering several memorable lines such as Nafisa, who stood up in front of the whole school to declare, 'I just have always had this feeling that being House Captain is my destiny.' It turned out she was right, however it remains to be seen whether she will be able to deliver on her promise 'to bring Lenox House into a regime of hope, glory and victory'.

Sophie, standing for Richmond, who described Richmond House as 'a family. A relatively normal family' also raised a laugh, while Lily, also vying for Richmond House Captain, was philosophical: 'I'm willing to take a chance and be a small part of something much bigger than just myself,' she said. The idea that having a go is more important than winning was a common theme across House Captain speeches.

Voting took place during lunchtime and votes were counted during the fifth lesson. Needless to say, there were a variety of emotions when the new team was announced at the beginning of the sixth lesson.

As a Round Square school, the Guardian Convention is an indispensable event in the school's calendar as a practical expression of two of the Round Square 'pillars', leadership and democracy, as well as helping those up for positions discover the truth behind the motto, 'there is more in you than you think'.
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