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The Vackees - School Production

Published Monday 24th of March 2014 01:57:13 PM

What: A WW2 musical called The Vackees

Where: The Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, Bracknell

When: 25th & 26th March 2014

112 pupils from Eagle House School in Sandhurst will be taking over the Wilde Theatre at South Hill Park to present The Vackees.

This is the story of a young World War Two evacuee called Kip who gets moved from London down to Somerset in 1939 because of the bombing over London. The outbreak of war, hostile locals, friendships and evocative music make this a show well worth seeing.

The music, by renowned composer Carl Davis, is bright and dramatic and is the perfect accompaniment to the narrative. The cast has been working on the show since January and it has been very good to see the energy and commitment from the young team.

'I love being in this show. Not only is the acting good but the singing and dancing really add to the show. I hope the audience enjoy it. It has been hard work but it has been fun too,' says Oscar Heal, 11, who plays Kip.

'The Wilde Theatre is the perfect venue for our show. Being on a professional stage is an amazing experience for this young cast,' says Matthew Edwards the show's director. 'Drama is a big part of our school and we work hard to make our shows as professional as possible.'

10 professional musicians make up the band for the show . 'This will be a tremendous experience for our pupils and all children have learnt a lot about WW2. Many children have brought in photos of grandparents who were evacuated and other relatives involved in the war. These will be on display at the theatre,' says Andrew Barnard, Headmaster.

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