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St Swithun's chop for charity

Published Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 04:24:24 PM

Over 40 pupils and 15 members of staff took part in a school fundraising event called Chop for Charity last week. The volunteers had their hair cut to provide real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss. (One member of staff, Miss Margaret Sturton, had her head completely shaved).

Upper sixth pupils Hattie Cresswell and Natalie Aldridge came up with the idea of Chop for Charity a year ago when they were looking to do something for charity which involved a bit more of a personal sacrifice than just donating money. Supporting the Little Princess Trust, who organise the wigs, appealed to them because it was a children's charity and they could see directly how donating hair would be of benefit.

They planned the event well in advance to allow all participants enough time to grow the required seven inches of hair needed to make the wigs for children. Local hairdresser Guy Kremer then provided the necessary skills to cut the hair both at his salon in Winchester and at St Swithun's.

Natalie said 'We wanted to do something for charity which involved more than just donating money. We came up with the idea of donating our hair and thought that the Little Princess Trust was an excellent cause to support. We also felt that it was such a good idea that we encouraged other staff and pupils to participate and we are delighted that so many were able to support this worthwhile cause. We are also very grateful to all of the staff at Guy Kremer for their support.'
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