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Lift off!

Published Wednesday 16th of February 2011 03:08:33 PM

Barfield School's very own space programme lifted off when rockets were launched as part of its Science Day.

Headmaster Robin Davies demonstrated a hydrogen-based rocket while Steve Hollands head of design technology showed off a pressurised version.

The theme of the day at the Surrey Pre-prep and Prep was 'Earth in Space', which was reflected across the whole curriculum.

Maths looked at the size, shape and distances of the planets; a story was written in English about 'Rocket Roy' exploring the Solar System; History looked at how the Egyptian astronomers mapped the skies at night and how Hailey's Comet was recorded by the Normans in the Bayeux Tapestry.

'This was another of our on-going whole school thematic learning days and follows on from our very successful Egyptian day and Practical Maths Days,' said Mr Davies.

'The idea is to approach a topic from as many subjects as possible and bring it alive.'
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