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Lift off!

Published Wednesday 16th of February 2011 03:08:33 PM

Barfield School�s very own space programme lifted off when rockets were launched as part of its Science Day.

Headmaster Robin Davies demonstrated a hydrogen-based rocket while Steve Hollands head of design technology showed off a pressurised version.

The theme of the day at the Surrey Pre-prep and Prep was �Earth in Space�, which was reflected across the whole curriculum.

Maths looked at the size, shape and distances of the planets; a story was written in English about 'Rocket Roy' exploring the Solar System; History looked at how the Egyptian astronomers mapped the skies at night and how Hailey's Comet was recorded by the Normans in the Bayeux Tapestry.

�This was another of our on-going whole school thematic learning days and follows on from our very successful Egyptian day and Practical Maths Days,� said Mr Davies.

�The idea is to approach a topic from as many subjects as possible and bring it alive.�
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