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Published Thursday 15th of May 2014 01:28:20 PM

There is a strong feeling of community at Dauntsey's. From stepping off the school bus in First Form into my day house I immediately felt comfortable with the sociable and energetic nature of the pupils and staff.

At Dauntsey's there are numerous opportunities to be fully committed every week to an amazing array of activities packed into the school day. However exhausting this may sound, for the past six years I have found it difficult not to make the most of what is on offer here and to appreciate my school days as some of the busiest but most beneficial and enjoyable times I have had.

I'm sure exam results tables and grade percentages are of upmost importance in a school's agenda. However, these are not successfully achieved without guidance. I appreciate the generosity of my teachers; they go that extra mile to ensure that you are fully confident with your ability. My personal academic achievements so far are my GCSE grades: all nine of which were awarded with a B-A*. Allowing me to continue my A-level studies at Dauntsey's, my recent AS levels have provided a stable platform for my final exams which will determine my future higher education.

For me, the best element of school life is being challenged by the extra-curricular activities. The 'Moonrakers' outward bound activity programme was a unique feature of my Third Form year. I have been privileged enough to play for the 1st team hockey and netball squads and enjoy the weekly training and fixtures, on a Saturday afternoon, where every pitch, court and field is swarmed by supporting parents and friends to spectate. Moreover, my hockey tour to South Africa is a definite 'stand out' moment that combined high level sport with an amazing holiday.

I have also taken part in many drama productions. Musicals such as 'Cats' and 'Miss Saigon' were amazing companies in which to be involved, with more than 100 pupils participating. There are studio plays, operas and dance shows produced as well, creating a unique, varied and extremely talented Drama Department at school. I also have learnt to play the oboe during my time here and participate in a few of the many musical groups. Symphony Orchestra and Choir regularly perform at school concerts that are available for the public to watch.

These two departments particularly have prepared me for higher education and the career direction I would like to take: studying drama at university with a wish to be a stage actress after this further study. I may not have realised the confidence and buzz I get whilst performing if so many theatrical opportunities were not on offer. The careers department, my personal tutor I have had for four years and work experience placements have all been integral to my UCAS application.

The sixth form very much prepares you for higher education and later life. Private study periods require you to manage your own time and a lecture style of teaching and gaining information is provided by each department's society together with the Mercers' lecture programme. Both enable high profile professionals to come and talk at school. Along with complimentary curriculum and general studies programmes I believe Dauntsey's pupils are well rounded and aware of the outside world.

Finally, the sixth form '17 club' is comparable to a student union at university. We organise regular parties, balls and a 'D factor' talent competition allowing everyone to relieve academic pressures and just have a really good evening with your friends.

My six years at Dauntsey's have been so enjoyable and looking back on my memories, and what I have learnt over this time, is both huge in substance and sentiment. I know that in later life I will look back at this time and be thankful for the opportunities I received but also be envious of the pupils here and wishing I could relive my time at Dauntsey's again.

By Kezia Buckland, Dauntsey's School

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