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Independent and local Secondary pupils swap places

Published Thursday 12th of June 2014 11:08:27 AM

In a project which is in its fourth year, junior pupils from Sherborne Girls and The Gryphon School in Sherborne have traded places to find out how their educational experiences compare.

The exchange days for the eight girls included teaching time, extra-curricular activities, meal breaks and more.

Amanda Mackintosh, External Relations & Community Coordinator at Sherborne Girls said, 'We offer various exchange opportunities at home and abroad, but this is a really unique and popular opportunity for the younger girls from both schools to experience and explore the differences between state and independent education. The girls tell us that they really enjoy these days, find it useful for expanding their horizons, as well as making new friends.'

Georgina and Amy from The Gryphon observed, 'The day was a lot longer at the girls' school and there were fewer pupils in each class. The boarding houses were really cosy, but we still don't think we would like to live away from home!'

Aderinsola and Harriet from Sherborne Girls said, 'Class sizes were bigger at The Gryphon and the addition of boys made it both interesting and awkward! The school felt quite crowded in comparison to ours, but it was a sociable and fun environment.'

Mia and Eleanor from The Gryphon said, 'The size of the school was intimidating at first but we enjoyed meeting new people and will hopefully stay in touch with each other.'

The exchange culminated in all eight girls joining together to write a joint article for both schools' newsletters.
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