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Celebrating 26th Anniversary of ACS Cobham Boarding House

Published Thursday 3rd of July 2014 04:52:23 PM

ACS Cobham alumni reunite to celebrate twenty six years of the school's boarding house

120 ACS Cobham Alumni students recently returned to the school, reuniting with their old classmates whilst celebrating 26 years of the boarding house and the retirement of Heads of Boarding, Ryn & Ann Brandse.

Ryn and Ann Brandse celebrate their retirement

Established in 1988, ACS Cobham's boarding house facility has a long history of accommodating students from around the world, providing them with a secure and supportive living environment. With the capacity to accommodate 110 students, aged 12-18, the boarding house is equipped with kitchenettes, laundry facilities and communal lounges, creating warm and welcoming living conditions.

Ryn and Ann Brandse have been at the heart of ACS Cobham's boarding house programme, serving as Heads of Boarding throughout its 26-year history.

Celebrating the facility's longevity and the Brandses' retirement, ACS Cobham alumni students returned to the boarding house to unite with old classmates and pay homage to their time at the school.

Staying in the boarding house over the weekend, the Alumni students re-lived their school days, taking part in activities such as barn dances and swimming sessions in ACS Cobham's state-of-the-art swimming pool facility.

Heads of Boarding, Ryn and Ann Brandse, commented:

'After 26 years of managing the boarding house it's extremely touching to have some of the students we looked after return to celebrate our retirement and re unite with old friends. Thank you to everyone who made the weekend such a memorable and special occasion.'

Thierry Ede, ACS Cobham Alumni from 1992 1994, brought his family to the reunion and thanked the Brandse's, commenting:

'I want to thank you for the wonderful three years I spent at ACS, that have completely changed my life and made me realise how blessed I am for having been able to have this experience. Living with people of over 60 different nationalities has made me the person I am today and created some of the best memories of my life.'
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