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Parent View - Andy Halstead

Published Friday 3rd of October 2014 02:24:23 PM

I took the decision to invest in the education of my four children at Ellesmere College and the return on that investment has been exceptional. The cost is high, but the value is much higher.

Making a decision to invest in the education and school life of your children is huge. The commitment is significant and there have been many occasions throughout the years when I have questioned the cost. I now have just one daughter at school, in the Upper Sixth Form, and so my investment is almost over.

The returns however, will last for at least the next generation - hopefully even longer.

Ellesmere College has been nothing short of magnificent for my children; everything from academic studies, sport, social skills and extra-curricular activities has been of the highest standard. I measure my children on the 'happiness scale' and I have four very happy children. Ellesmere College has made a huge contribution to their well-being and happiness.

My eldest daughter is a successful mid-wife, with a career that is already flying at the age of 25. Melissa is a ward sister, with all of the responsibility that brings on a maternity ward. She is happily married and living life to the full. My son Jordan, now aged 23, leads a premier property business in Chester and develops new business nationwide. His tender years have not had an impact on his career at all; his social skills and entrepreneurship are exceptional.

My daughter Sophie, aged 21, is a successful beauty therapist, and has a great job with continued education and training ambitions in a professional capacity. Sophie has already succeeded with a number of industry qualifications. Growing in knowledge, confidence and experience, it won't be long before Sophie launches her own Spa business.

Ellie is in the final year at Ellesmere, studying for her A-levels. Ellie's sporting achievements have been incredible. She is currently aiming for selection to represent England in the under 18's national hockey team and is looking forward to the challenges of University. Ellie hopes to gain a place at Loughborough and ultimately enjoy a career in sport.

Ellesmere has made a huge contribution to the success that my children enjoy. I ask my children to do their best, no more, no less. Ellesmere has helped them achieve more than they ever thought possible.
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