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Screen legend inspires High School students

Published Monday 6th of October 2014 05:07:50 PM

Last week students welcomed actor, writer, film producer, film director and ACS Cobham parent, Stanley Tucci, to campus as part of a week-long programme of opening celebrations for the school's new Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

Tucci, who has starred in blockbusters such as 'The Hunger Games', 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'The Terminal', gave an inspiring speech to an audience of over 550 High School students in two sittings, driving home the importance of the performing arts.

He commented:

'The performing arts are an incredible opportunity for students to develop both their intellect, through studying theatre, music and character narratives as well as lifting the soul, through working together and enjoying the arts.'

The High School Chamber Ensemble also performed 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' by Mozart and Grade 12 students Emily Richelle, Varia Chernova, Luigi Giordano, Laura Engel, Natalie Storey and Holly Bray all confidently hosted the event.

The new Performing Arts Centre includes a 509-seat auditorium as well as a professional standard fly tower, one of the few schools in the UK to have one, which will help move large pieces of scenery quickly during performances.

Students will also have the opportunity to be hands on with the technical side of theatre production. For example, using a 'virtual floor', created using a walk-on tension wire grid, students will have easy and safe access to stage lighting. The PAC also includes classrooms, music studios and an instrumental room.

Head of Performing Arts at ACS Cobham, Darryl Nel, commented:

'Tucci's presentation was very exciting for our students, many of whom are actively engaged with music and drama either through their courses or through co-curricular activities. Being able to hear first hand from a screen icon about his experiences in the performing arts will provide a great source of encouragement for our students.'

He added:

'With the new PAC we are really lucky to have access to some of the very best professional standard equipment and facilities. Students will be able to enhance and explore their talents and we hope they will be inspired to stretch themselves artistically.'
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