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Instruments of the Gamelan come to St Hilary's School

Published Thursday 3rd of March 2011 02:16:32 PM


Pupils at St Hilary's School, Godalming were delighted by the sound of Balinese music when they were introduced to the instruments of the Gamelan. Each year group took part in playing together on a number of metal percussion instruments under the guidance of the Gamelan musicians, who were dressed in the indigenous Balinese costume.

Gamelan is an ensemble of metal percussion instruments from Indonesia and is an excellent tool for musical education, as the simplicity of the playing technique makes the instruments almost instantly accessible by children. The gongs, metallophones and chimes are made using bronze, brass and iron and are set on hand-carved wooden frames.

'The children were immediately captivated with the sound of the instruments which provide innumerable possibilities for the creation of new music', said Isabelle Michalakis, Director of Music. She added, 'Each year group thoroughly enjoyed experimenting on these extraordinary instruments and having the opportunity to take part in such a unique music ensemble'.

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