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ACS Egham achieve success at Speech and Debate Competition

Published Monday 20th of October 2014 04:50:25 PM

Thirteen ACS Egham students aged 14-18 recently competed in the London International Schools Forensics League's first event of the year. Over 90 students representing four schools were in attendance to debate the resolution: Developing countries should prioritise environmental protection over resource extraction when the two are in conflict.

Students from ACS Egham, Marymount International School, The American School in England, and St George's College debated in the Lincoln-Douglas format across three categories; Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. This style of debate places a significant emphasis on logical reasoning and sound moral values.

In the weeks leading up to the event, students conducted research in and around the topic, drawing information from a wide range of their studies in both the IB Diploma and Middle Years Programmes including History, Geography, Economics and Theory of Knowledge.

ACS Egham Speech and Debate Team

For many of the students present, this event was their first experience of competitive debate. Nevertheless, the ACS Egham team performed well-beyond expectations, echoing previous successes of past competitions.

Grade 12 students Benjamin Brown and Fisher Lanham excelled in the Intermediate category, leading to an all-ACS Egham final. Benjamin went on to win the final by a narrow margin, but Fisher went on to receive the highest speaker point average an achievement many believe to be better than the competition itself.

First-time competitors Megan Hartman and Luc Leclercq (Grade 11), fought their way past 22 other competitors to reach the Novice final only narrowly losing to tough competition from TASIS.

David Rea, ACS Egham Speech and Debate Co-ordinator, commented:

'Public speaking and debate are fantastic life skills. I think they add tremendous value to almost all areas of academic and social life. The ability to articulate thoughts on relevant social, political and economic issues, and critically assess ideas and arguments is invaluable.'

'I am delighted that the team has performed so well and I applaud the students for their decision to take a risk and try something they had never attempted before.'
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