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A* for All at Glenalmond College

Published Thursday 3rd of March 2011 04:17:50 PM

Glenalmond College Maths pupils are celebrating an outstanding set of results from their November 2010 GCSE exams. All fifteen pupils who sat their GCSE Maths exams early in fifth form have achieved A* grades. Getting an A* mark would be a noteworthy achievement for any pupil, but for these marks to have been achieved by pupils sitting their exams two terms early makes them even more remarkable.

Most of these pupils will take A Level Mathematics and start by studying the first module in fifth form. Many plan to study A Level Further Mathematics and are aiming for careers in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics or Mathematics.

This is part of Glenalmond College's programme for providing for academically gifted pupils.

There are many able pupils still to sit the examination in June 2011 and more A* grades are expected from this strong year group.

More academic good news for Glenalmond College pupils came as five members of this year's Upper Sixth form received offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
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