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Geek Squad on a mission

Published Monday 22nd of December 2014 03:28:50 PM

Students aged eight to eleven from ACS Egham's Geek Squad recently visited Sunrise Care Home with one mission; to help residents to learn basics of the iPad and develop digital skills.

With just 30 minutes for the Geek Squad to teach, the residents succeeded in learning iPad basics and could use all the most important features, such as browsing the internet, email and Facetime (video call); a huge achievement for both the Geek Squad and their students.

The Geek Squad is a group of students who enjoy learning about technology and who want to share their skills to the benefit of others in their community.

Noah, one of the Geeks, said:

'We all loved the visit as much as the residents of Sunrise Care Home did. This was an all-new experience for the residents. Sometimes people come and sing to them, but this time they learnt how to use the basics of an iPad'.

The residents were very interested in learning the new skills from the Squad. While learning about Facetime, one resident remarked, 'Technology is absolutely incredible today'.

Zach, a member of the Geek Squad, said:

'I really enjoyed going to Sunrise Care Home because I got to teach someone who was completely new to computers! I was teaching her and she said 'I'll have to get one of these!''

Federico, another Geek Squad member, said:

'Thank you for the amazing field trip! It made me think how life was in the olden days without any electronics. It must have been hard and painful!'

ACS Egham runs a one-to-one iPad programme for students between the ages of 7 and 18, to integrate technology into their wider learning.
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