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Sherborne Girl in Space Flight adventure

Published Wednesday 4th of February 2015 02:44:08 PM

Old Girl Rose Kingscote (K '02) returned to Sherborne Girls in January to deliver a thoroughly engaging and fascinating talk entitled 'The Dawn of the New Space Age' describing the ambitions and progress of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic project. She discussed the origins and motivation behind the project as well as conveying her journey towards gaining her dream job as 'Space Agent'.

The project intends to carry fare-paying passengers into space using cutting-edge technology and certainly looks to become reality in the surprisingly near future. To achieve this, many engineering and technical challenges are being overcome in terms of the overall concept, as well as materials and engine technology. Furthermore, whilst conveying the key incentives for developing the first commercial spaceflights, Rose emphasised to all in attendance that anything is possible, as long as the passion and ambition is present.

The talk amply supported by striking images and video clips was well-received by the audience, which included a good number of students from other schools, and their level of interest and engagement could be gauged by the very lively question and answer session afterwards. A number of students were sufficiently inspired to ask about apprenticeships in Virgin Galactic!

Current student, Rachel Bucklow said, 'Rose delivered a captivating and exciting talk leaving me determined to purchase a ticket for the spacecraft in the future!'

Physics Teacher, Martin Crabtree said, 'I am very grateful to Rose for giving this talk it certainly gave the girls an insight into what they can achieve, not simply with academic qualifications, but with the ambition, determination and self-belief to set their sights high.'

The talk was part of the school's 'Eureka!' programme which delivers a variety talks and activities to encourage the girls to engage in and appreciate the applications of science in the real world around them.

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