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ACS Cobham celebrates multi-cultural identity with annual International Fair

Published Wednesday 4th of February 2015 04:22:30 PM

ACS Cobham International School celebrated its multicultural identity with over 500 students by hosting the school's annual International Fair on the 23rd of January.

The Fair, organised by the ACS Cobham PSO (Parent-School Organisation), saw students, parents, teachers and staff enjoy traditions, food, and drink from every corner of the globe.

Spanning three floors, each stall presented the individual cultural traditions of a nation, transforming the school into an international market. Students and guests could explore each of the vibrant stalls, located in various pods, booths, and larger areas for dances and performances.

Guests tried their hand at traditional games, sampled the local cuisine and tried on cultural dress. The starting point was India; where students were encouraged to play a traditional Indian game, dress in a sari, experiment with face paints and sample traditional Indian food.

Elsewhere, the Scandinavian wintery booth was decorated to symbolise the spectacle of the Northern Lights. Guests were invited to cut out patterned snowflakes that were hung from above, and illuminated by blue fairy lights.

One of the highlights of the event was Brazil's interactive rainforest and river. Children added to the 3D rainforest with colourful animals, birds, and fish that they thought might be found in the exotic habitat.

The range of stalls and activities emphasises the growing opportunity for diverse cultural exchange at ACS Cobham, with new stalls arriving each year: this year saw two new stalls, Poland and Uruguay.

Richard Harrold, Lower School Principal, commented:

'There is a surprise around every corner at the International Fair. Each stall makes a huge effort, which you have to applaud, especially if there are only a few country representatives to help out. We're an international school and we love to celebrate that it's more than just waving flags, we really believe in our international values and global ethos, and I think the International Fair illustrates that.'
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