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Students from ACS Cobham embark on pre-expedition trip

Published Wednesday 4th of February 2015 05:26:32 PM

Students from ACS Cobham have enjoyed a rigorous training exercise in Ashdown Forest, Surrey, as part of their preparation for a charity expedition to Namibia next summer.

The expedition will involve the students in community projects with local schools including the renovation of school facilities and the building of additional school classrooms, dormitories and housing for teachers.

The pre-expedition trip was organised by World Challenge to help the students develop team skills and hone their physical fitness for the challenges ahead. The 18-strong team, comprising seven boys and eleven girls, slept outdoors, learnt to cook using basic facilities and practiced working as a team. They also faced physical challenges including hiking in full kit on both days.

By the time the team reaches Kutenhoas Primary School and Dr. Alpo Mbamba Senior School in Namibia, they will have worked together for a year preparing and organising their trip and, according to Angela Rowe, ACS co-ordinator of the Namibia trip, they will be well prepared and ready for the challenges ahead:

'I feel very proud of the students' ambition for this trip. They are working extremely well together and I am confident they will make a big difference to the schools they will be helping to develop in Namibia,' she said.

The students must raise the money to finance their individual involvement in the expedition outside of school, while fundraising for the two Namibian schools may take place in school. The team will be continually fundraising throughout the year until their departure. They have just begun working on their main event 'Night for Namibia', a Dinner/Auction event at Burhill Golf Club on Saturday 18th April 2015, for which tickets will be on sale in the New Year.
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