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Thorpe House Reception boys take lessons from an Arctic explorer!

Published Tuesday 10th of February 2015 12:39:57 PM

The Reception boys at Thorpe house have been exploring the Arctic and the Antarctic in class, but their teacher took this to the next level and arranged for them to exchange emails with a real Arctic explorer while he was on an expedition!

The boys spent a fortnight emailing 'Arctic Mark' and asking him about life in the Arctic posing questions such as how many huskies pull his sledge (six dogs called Thor, Eminem, Best, Razor, Dalton and Buster), how cold it is there (minus 19) and what he is wearing to keep warm (an Arctic suit with snow glasses, big warm boots and fur lined mittens).

Mark's last email before he started the journey home talked about his favourite part of the expedition (spending time with his beloved huskies) and the fact that he saw three polar bears. He also sent them a video of his huskies which was the cause of much delight in the classroom!

The boys have learnt a great deal from these email exchanges and we have a sneaking suspicion we have one or two budding explorers in Reception now!
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