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Battle of the Books at ACS Egham

Published Tuesday 17th of March 2015 02:18:28 PM

Approximately 100 Grade 4 & 5 ACS Egham students, aged 9-11 years, recently competed in the lower school library's Battle of the Books.

The Battle of the Books is a reading and comprehension challenge designed to encourage students to read different genres, diversify their reading choices and further their interest in reading good literature.

The event started in October when the students were given a reading list of 14 books. Many of the books chosen have won prizes or have been bestsellers.
This year, one of the books chosen was 'Dragons at Crumbling Castle' by Terry Pratchett. The Newberry award-winning book, 'Flora and Ulysses' by Kate Di Camillo, was also selected. The students were encouraged to read as many of the books as they could because, on the day of the final competition, the teams answered 50 comprehension questions, written by ACS Egham Librarian, Suzanne McCluskey, in the form of 'In which book�' the answer being the title and author.

At the beginning of February Suzanne divided the students into teams of mixed reading abilities and grade levels, ready for the two-hour event. The event was lively, but concentration and memory of what they read was clearly evident.

Suzanne said:

'When I released the books there was so much enthusiasm! I especially enjoyed the first day of the challenge, when they almost broke down the doors of the library in their eagerness to borrow their first book.

'I also loved to see the students reading throughout the month leading up to the final battle, and throughout the challenge when they excitedly swapped books. It is wonderful to know that they have found a passion for novels that they wouldn't ordinarily select from the shelves of the library.'
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