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The right notes at the right time!

Published by St Benedict's School on Monday 23rd of March 2015

On the evening of Thursday 5th March the Orchard Hall at St Benedict's School was filled with applause and whistles because the 2015 Junior School Spring Concert had just finished with a fantastic grand finale of 'The Eye of the Tiger'!

Gabriel Wilkinson, from Upper Prep, gives his impressions:

'The pupils in the Junior School had many rehearsals to get it to the standard they reached that night. We had to learn all the words off by heart, a long and tough stretch. Then we gathered for the first rehearsals. Singing 'In the Jungle' for the first time with Mr Gales' Samba Group felt like we were learning another song because the rhythm was completely different. But it was so exciting!

The Brass Group was fantastic when it played the theme tune from 'The Pink Panther' and the Percussion Ensemble with Lucas Holmes singing a solo of 'Under the Sea' brought the house down!

In conclusion, it felt great to go from singing the wrong notes, with the instruments and singers coming in at the wrong time to us being able to perform in front of all the parents and to see them enjoying our music.'

The right notes at the right time! - Photo 1The right notes at the right time! - Photo 2The right notes at the right time! - Photo 3
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