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Spotlight shines on talent at ACS Cobham

Published Tuesday 24th of March 2015 11:55:46 AM

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains at a school talent show? Students from ACS Cobham laid bare the backstage secrets recently, presenting the comedy 'We Open Tomorrow Night?!' to friends, family, teachers and peers.

Performing the play at three separate performances over the space of two days, the 46 Middle School pupils, aged 10 to 14, thrilled audiences with their singing, dancing, acting and musical skills.

The play, which exposes the behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of a school talent show, invited all Middle School pupils to become stars of the show by incorporating their own talent acts into the production. Rather than a cast made up of just actors and actresses, the performance welcomed nine dancers, 11 singers and two instrumentalists into the limelight. A group of students also performed in a choral verse alongside the 14 actors.

The play was led by student director, 13-year-old Keelan Harmer, adding to the range of talent showcased by the production. Keelan tackled the role enthusiastically, commenting:

'It was a great experience. I enjoyed discussing ideas and creating scenes, whilst also being involved with everything behind the scenes. It was fantastic to see the product of all our hard work at the end of it.'

Margaret Prior, Middle School drama teacher at ACS Cobham, commented:

'The students enjoyed themselves and put 100 per cent into the production. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our students' wide-ranging talents the audience was delighted.'
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