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Mad Hatter Tea Party at St John's

Published Friday 27th of March 2015 01:04:18 PM

St John's on-the-Hill celebrated the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland with its own Mad Hatter Tea Party.

Classes from Reception through to Year 8 joined together to make a memorable Tea Party with decorations, cakes and hats to mark the event.

Pupils and staff were grouped according to their month of birth to enjoy delicious cake and conversation. Awards and prizes were given to the most outrageous hats which the pupils decorated themselves.

Tea was followed by an egg-rolling competition held in the St John's on-the-Hill sports hall.

Students brought in hand-decorated hard-boiled eggs to roll in the hall.

Awards were given to pupils who had eggs with the finest decoration and those eggs that reached the furthest distance.

Needless to say it was a memorable experience for all taking part!
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